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Working Per Diem

Employees looking for schedule flexibility and premium pay should consider per diem staff work. Per diem work is mostly used to supplement existing incomes; however, there are some opportunities for employees to make per diem work their primary focus.  When working per diem, an individual becomes an employee for a staffing agency or “registry,” in this case Arizona PRN, the individual is then contracted with available healthcare facilities looking to fill vacancies.  These vacancies are then filled with per diem workers by the staffing agency on behalf of the facility requesting coverage.  Per diem work is usually staffed on a weekly, sometimes daily basis based on the needs of healthcare facilities looking for temporary or longer term shift coverage.  The structure of per diem work where availability is subject to change from week to week allows an employee a great advantage in creating their own schedule.


Per diem pay is also typically higher than it would be working directly for the facility. Most often per diem work has higher premium pay but staff directly employed by the healthcare facilities also have benefits of their own.  For example, full time staff have a set schedule and work full time with a benefits package that may not be offered with per diem shifts. Per diem work is typically payed on a weekly basis and may work better for you depending on your budget and money management preferences.


Another cool perk available with per diem work is that employees can sometimes choose where and who they want to work for.  Employees have the flexibility to continue work at a facility or discontinue work if they feel they are not a good fit, and can also develop a long term per diem relationship with a facility where they can be offered a “block schedule” when a facility has the need.

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