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Arizona PRN is the Leading Healthcare Staffing Provider in AZ!

Healthcare Staffing

Arizona PRN has established a reputation of integrity and professionalism over the years, and is dedicated to the overall purpose of recruiting quality personnel and providing excellent service for our clients. Whatever a clients requirements Arizon PRN will work to meet them.

Permanent Placement

Arizona PRN provides a structure for employees to gain employment in their field or specialty and the ability to earn a permanent contract with the facility they work for in their selected field of practice.

Home Care

There is a diverse spectrum of health care services that are avialable today for the home, Arizona PRN can tailor its services for you needs.  Home Care is usually one of the best cost effective, economical, solutions for our customers and preferred by most people who need help in the home setting.  Senior care, pediatric nursing, wound care, IV treatment, medication management, workman's compensation treatment, diabetes management, and private insurance needs are some of the areas Arizona PRN serves.

Travel Nursing

Arizona PRN has a strong local presence in Arizona but we also staff nationally and can provide careers for those looking to travel in the nursing field.  Arizona PRN can work to fit your needs and accommodate its employees while they are working in the field.  Some benefits of travel nursing include travel pay, competetive salaries, and living arragements.  Every travel opportunity is different so call us to inquire more about becoming a travel nurse for Arizona PRN.

Per Diem

Arizona PRN offers several per diem opportunities which enable a health professional to have a flexible schedule and great opportunities to work different settings within their field.

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Arizona PRN is a Women OWNED Business and an Equal Opportunity Employer

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